Multi-Resource Scheduling

Planning is an essential part of any project, maintenance and customer service environment. Studies show that a better and more optimized planning most often leads to cost efficiency. Many see tools like MS Excel of MS Project as the ideal planning environment but they clearly lack integration with e.g. Human Resources (work schedule, holiday planning,...) or in general your backbone ERP system.


Price - Functionality/Complexity

For many years SAP offers the graphical planning board and workforce planning as user interface part of the standard ERP software and integrated with Project Systems(PS), Production Planning(PP), Customer Service(CS) and Plant Maintenance(PM). Although it serves its purpose it lacks functionality, especially when planning and optimizing personnel resources.


Planning Table

To handle more complex scheduling environments SAP has developed Multi-Resource Scheduling (MRS). This multi-resource scheduling software tracks resources available along with their skill sets, experience, cost, location, commitment schedule, and other data important in determining their suitability for specific engagements. It has a flexible and enhanced graphical planning board, fully integrated with HR (for attendance, absence and work schedules), alerts, teams, tool planning, utilization reporting, integration with GIS and possibility to integration with Mobile Applications such as SAP MAM (mobile asset management for service engineers on the road).

Resource Planning




SAP MRS is an add-on application which was co-developed with some major customers which makes it a real hands-on and straight-to-the-point application. The latter also means that it is not part of the standard ERP system and license. For more information please contact us. Short demo’s can be found on e.g. YouTube (example: http://www.youtube.com/user/SAPMRSExpert).



  • Plantin (planning of customer service technicians according to skills and availabilities)